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[Oct. 28th, 2004|01:44 pm]


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Harrington escorted Kyle to school along with his mother, uncle Ernie Combs and some NFL personnel.

“You would think a guy like that might be stuck up,” Kyle said. “But he was cool and funny.”

Harrington was cool and funny from the moment he stepped into the school to sign in as any visitor would. Harrington wrote “hanging out” under the ledger heading asking for the purpose of his visit.

“Hey you are late,” Romanowski joked.

A sheepish Harrington looked like one of the kids who was caught playing hooky.

Joey rules.

LEOS with the big win last week, I wasn't even sure they could pull it off with all their injuries, but they came up big and the Giants came up flat.

4-2 heading into winnable games with Dallas and Washington, I think this is where the team proves how "for real" they are. The problem the Lions have had the last few years is winning games they should win.

Currently, they are a better team than the Cowboys. Shaun Rogers, Roy Williams both want to put on a big show for hometown crowds. Joey wants to avenge the worst day of his career last year. I feel very confident we'll take this game. But still, it's a big character game for the Leos because they need to win these kind of games against struggling teams to make the playoffs.

Anyways, why are the Cowboys favored by 3? Any homefield advantage they have should be negated by how the Leos have played on the road. Plus the way both teams have played this season, it seems obvious the Lions have played better. Granted the Cowboys must win this game. Oh well.

If you're a betting type, think about the LEOS this week. This is a big one.